Ordering school uniform

You can order your child’s school uniform online by following the link totalclothingshop.co.uk/chesterton. Please use the website’s contact us section if the size that you require is not listed. You can view the sizing guide and price list here

Uniform Information

Please read the Uniform Policy and rules about how to dress for school.

School Clothing for years 7-11
Polo Shirt (College Crest with House colour) to be worn at all timesGrey Polo shirt
Sweatshirt (College Crest) to be worn over the Polo ShirtNavy Sweatshirt
Girls’ Slim fit TrousersPlain Black
Girls’ Trousers – ‘Lingfield’ StylePlain Black
Skirt – ‘Charleston’ StylePlain Black
Boys’ ‘Falmouth’ TrousersPlain Black
Boys’ Slim fit TrouserPlain Black
HatsStudents may wear hats outdoors. Students must not wear hats inside the school buildings at any time.
Items of religious significanceDiscreet items may be worn. Head scarves, in any plain colour, may be worn.

Physical Education Kit

  • Essential
    Sky blue PE t-shirt with Chesterton crest *
    Navy blue rugby/mulit-sport shirt *
    Navy blue unisex PE fleece/1/4 zip track top *
    Navy blue shorts ***
    OR Navy blue skorts ***
    OR navy blue running tights ***
    OR navy blue leggings ***
    OR navy blue tracksuit bottoms ***
    Navy blue football socks *
    Football boots and/or astroturf trainers
    Gum shield (rugby) ***
    Shin pads (football) ***

  • Any items from the following list for swimming:
    Blue or black swimming costume ***
    Blue or black rash vest/swimming top ***
    Blue or black trunks ***
    Blue or black shorts *** (the regular PE shorts can be used for swimming)

  • Optional
    Any base layer top (worn under the regular PE kit) ***
    Any base layer shorts/leggings (worn under the regular PE kit) ***

  • Additional information
    Some students in year 8 and 9, who are involved in sports leadership with the PE department can purchase a sports leader ¼ zip track top with white detail – this is ordered separately so speak with a member of the PE team.
    We also offer a personalised PE T-Shirt for all GCSE PE students at the start of year 10 – again, there is a fee attached to this item for most students but all details will be shared by the Head of Department.
    Ordering online via the college supplier is free of charge.
    Clothing with small logos/stripes is permitted

* These items below can only be purchased from the college supplier or college shop
*** These items can be purchased from other retailers, but can also be purchased from the college supplier

Second Hand Uniform

The PTA has some discounted second hand uniform available. Please email  to check what is available or to arrange donations to this worthwhile scheme.

If you require any additional support in paying for uniform please contact your child’s head of house.

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