Transition from Primary School

Welcome to the Year 6 induction information page.

We can’t wait to meet you all very soon, however in the meantime browse this page so that you can start to learn about Chesterton Community College before you join us as year 7s. We hope you find it useful, if you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact the school reception or email our dedicated year 6 address. All these details can be found in the contact area. We have a lot of staff at Chesterton, however for your first few days these will be the staff that you see most, as well as your form tutors and Heads of House.

All our staff are always so happy to help, so if you ever need anything you can ask anyone!

Key Staff

Rolf Purvis

Executive Headteacher

Colleen Lehane

Deputy Headteacher

Keith Hicks

Deputy Headteacher

Peter Watts

Peter Watts

Deputy Headteacher

Rebecca Butler

Assistant Headteacher

Jake Lawrence


Top Tips and Favourite Things

Before you look at the rest of the information below, watch the video from our current year 7s. They want to share some top tips and their favourite things about Chesterton with you.

House System

When you join Chesterton, you would have been placed into a House; each House has 9 tutor groups, all tutor groups have a mixture of year 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 students. This creates a really supportive and family environment for our students. You will spend 20 minutes each morning with your tutor group and form tutor.

You will compete in House competitions throughout the year to win your House points, we have so many ways you can win points at school including sporting events, effort in lessons and attendance in clubs. You will hear teachers and students refer to House points as ‘Above and Beyond Points’.

You will find out your House and tutor group later in the term. You will have the colour of your House crest on your uniform and locker.

Click a badge to learn more!


You can find more information about how to dress on our Uniform page. 

School Clothing for years 7-11
Polo Shirt (College Crest with House colour) to be worn at all timesGrey Polo shirt
Sweatshirt (College Crest) to be worn over the Polo ShirtNavy Sweatshirt
Girls’ Slim fit TrousersPlain Black
Girls’ Trousers – ‘Lingfield’ StylePlain Black
Skirt – ‘Charleston’ StylePlain Black
Boys’ ‘Falmouth’ TrousersPlain Black
Boys’ Slim fit TrouserPlain Black
HatsStudents may wear hats outdoors. Students must not wear hats inside the school buildings at any time.
Items of religious significanceDiscreet items may be worn. Head scarves, in any plain colour, may be worn.

Details on how to purchase your uniform and PE kit will be sent to parents and carers in June with your House reveal.

Above and Beyond Points

At Chesterton our students earn Above and Beyond points for their behaviour, effort and attitude. Have a look below at more details on how you will be able to earn points, what they mean and what they can do for you. Our excellent rewards system is overseen by Assistant Head, Sophie Bywater,

The Canteen

We have a cashless system at school, so you can either top your account up online or on our special machine at school. When you get to the canteen, you then pay for your food and drinks with your finger.

We are really lucky to have a fantastic chef at Chesterton, his name is Mr Fensome and he has recently joined Chesterton. His exciting menus are already getting students and staff excited for break and lunch time!

One of our rewards for students earning ‘Above and Beyond Points’ is receiving a free cookie voucher.

You can access the canteen during the following times:

  • Breakfast Club: 8.20am
  • Break Time: 10.50am – 11.10
  • Lunch Time: 12.40pm – 13.25

The Chesterton Challange

The School Day

You will receive your timetable that will look like the example shown. This will tell you which classrooms to go to and what teachers you will have. You will notice that you usually spend 2 periods in one subject. It is important to be equipped for your lessons, so make sure you top up your pencil case before your first day! We will provide with any information on extra equipment you will need.

8.50 to 9.10Registration
9.10 to 10.00 Lesson 1
10.00 to 10.50Lesson 2
10.50 to 11.10Break
11.10 to 12.00Lesson 3
12.00 to 12.35*Lesson 4 for years 7, 10 & 11
Lunch for years 8 & 9
12.35 to 12.50Lesson 4
12.50 to 1.25Lesson 4 for years 8 & 9
Lunch for years 7, 10 & 11
(Yr 7 lunch starts at 12:30)
1.25 to 2.15Lesson 5
2.15 to 3.05Lesson 6
Library closes at 3.05 on Fridays
3.05 to 3.55Period 7
Intervention work for targeted students
Twilight lessons for some students
Compulsory and optional homework completion time
3.55 to 4.45Period 8
Intervention work for targeted students
Twilight lessons for some students
Compulsory and optional homework completion time


At the start of term Year 7 go to lunch 10 minutes early, at 12.40 every day to support them finding their way around the new environment. Their Period 4 teachers accompany them to lunch and remain with them until 12.50.

Your Timetable

You will receive your timetable that will look like the example shown. This will tell you which classrooms to go to and what teachers you will have. You will notice that you usually spend 2 periods in one subject. It is important to be equipped for your lessons, so make sure you top up your pencil case before your first day! We will provide with any information on extra equipment you will need.

Getting Around

It may feel big to start with but, we promise, you will start to find your way around school very quickly. Clear signs are everywhere and you will be given a lot of time to get more familiar with your new school. The school is divided into departments, e.g. Science lessons are all in one area, English lessons are all in one area. When you first arrive at Chesterton, your form tutor will give you lots of tours and even take you around with your timetable so you know where your classrooms are.

Ground Floor

1st Floor


We have so many extra-curricular activities for you at Chesterton, these run at lunch times and after school. They range from sporting clubs, art clubs, environment club, Warhammer, languages…you can explore the full list below. 

All clubs are advertised on our website, on our ‘daily notices’ that you access in form time and on classroom doors and notice boards. These are some of the adverts for the clubs that were run this year.

MonPhilosophy ClubPhilosophyA23:15 - 3:45Miss Barkerall
MonBible discussion groupReligionL13LunchMrs Phillips7 10 11
MonBible discussion groupReligionL14LunchMrs Phillips8 9
MonJazz BandMusicM13:05 - 4:00Mrs Wyndham-Hallall
MonRecorder ClubMusicM2breakMiss Wilsonall
MonGCSE Drama Production RehearsalsDramaDrama Studio3:15 - 5:15Ms MarstonGCSE Drama
MonFitkidz (finess suite)SportSports centre3:30 - 4:15Sports Centreall
MonLacemakingTextilesW123:15 - 4:15Ms Hodgson (external)all
MonLacemakingTextilesW124:30 - 5:30Ms Hodgson (external)all
Mon Tue Wed ThuHomework ClubStudyLibrary3:05 - 5:00Ms Cadungogall
Mon Wed Thu FriSupervised Indeoendent RehearsalDramaDrama Studiobefore schoolMs Marstonall
TueCommunity clubCommunityOffice opposite L143:10 - 4:00Ms Maffeiall
TueUkeleles & GuitarsMusicM1lunchMrs Thurlow7 10 11
TueMusical Theatre ClubDramaDance Studio3:15 - 4:30Ms Marston/Mr Cooperall
TueGirls RugbySportChanging rooms3:15 - 4:45Miss Palacios7
TueBoys FootballSportChanging rooms3:15 - 4:45Mr Firth7
TueBoys RugbySportChanging rooms3:15 - 4:45Mr Lawrence8 9
TueBasketballSportChanging rooms3:15 - 4:15Mr Humphries10 11
TueFencingSportRex Freeman Hall3:15 - 4:46Cambridge Sword7 8
TueTrampoliningSportChanging rooms3:15 - 4:45Miss Moss7 8 9 & GCSE PE
WedPride ClubCommunityL143:05 - 4:00Mr Mooreall
WedOrchestraMusicM13:05 - 4:35Miss Wilsonall
WedBand ProjectMusicMusic foyer4:30 - 5:30Mrs Thurlowall
WedJunior ChoirMusicM18:10 - 8:40Miss Wilson7 8
WedUkeleles & GuitarsMusicM1lunchMrs Thurlow8 9
WedKS3 Production RehearsalsDramaDrama Studio3:15 - 4:00Ms Marston/Mr Cooperinvitation only
WedCombined Science SupportScienceE23:15 - 4:00Science teachers11
WedSeparate Science SupportScienceS23:15 - 4:00Science teachers11
WedEco ClubEnvironmentdip3:15 - 4:45Amy Ellis (external)all
WedFitkidz (finess suite)SportSports centre3:30 - 4:15Sports Centreall
WedRugby, Football & Basketball fixturesSportChanging rooms3:15 - 6:15PE staffall
WedBadmintonSportChanging rooms3:15 - 5:00Mr Humphries9 10 11
Wed (Week 2)Wildlife & Nature ClubScience/PhotographyA18lunchMiss parker & Mrs Tate7 10 11
ThuCreative WritingEnglishA14lunchMrs Phillips and guest writer7 10 11
ThuSlack line & Adventure ClubAdventureDip (meet rear courtyard)3:15 - 4:15Mr Hicks7 8
ThuSteel PansMusicM18:10 - 8:40Miss Wilson & Mrs Thurlowall
ThuFlute ChoirMusicM2breakMiss Wilsonall
ThuChestertonesMusicM24:00 - 4:30Mrs Thurlow8 9 10 11 12 13
ThuMusic Technology GroupMusicM23:05 - 4:00Mrs Thurlow8 9 10 11 12 13
ThuDrama RehearsalsDramaDrama Studio3:10 - 4:10Ms Marston/Mr Cooperinvitation only
ThuBoys RugbySportChanging rooms3:15 - 4:45Mr Firth7
ThuGirls FootballSportChanging rooms3:15 - 4:45Miss Mos7
ThuGirls RugbySportChanging rooms3:15 - 4:45Mr Lawrence8 9
ThuGirlsBasketballSportChanging rooms3:15 - 4:45Miss Palacios8 9
ThuBoys BasketballSportChanging rooms3:15 - 4:45Mr Humphries8 9
FriBook ClubEnglishLibrarybreak timeMrs Phillips7 8 9
FriCello ClubMusicM18:10 - 8:40Miss Wilsonall
FriFolk Fiddle BandMusicM28:10 - 8:40Ms Veryardall
FriChesterton SingersMusicM13:05 - 4:00Mr Bond9 10 11 12 13
FriDrama ClubDramaDrama Studio3:15 - 4:15Ms Marston & Student leaders7 8
FriHip Hop Club with KyleDanceDance Studio8:00 - 9:00Externalall
FriGCSE P7Sport3:30 - 4:30PE staffGCSE PE

As well as clubs, in year 7 we have our Chesterton Pledge. This is a great volunteer programme where you can give back to the community by taking part in some of our activities.

This year some of our year 7s went back to their primary schools to host reading interventions, they helped design new spaces at the Milton Road library, they upcycled old trainers to send to developing countries and they even started making our new flower beds in the new courtyards! Pledges means prizes and you can earn house points for your time.

Looking Forward – Play your Part!

We are so excited to have you join us at Chesterton and we would love to hear how you are feeling about starting your secondary school experience and how you will become part of our school community.

We are asking that all students produce a piece of work that reflects on their hopes and aspirations for year 7 and tells us how they join in and support our school community. This can be produced in any format; you can be as creative as you like!

Some ideas:

  • Poetry
  • Art work
  • Letters
  • Posters
  • Songs

Please post your work here!

Deadline: June 26th

What’s next?

This useful roadmap has also been sent to parents and carers via email. We hope it helps guide you through this exciting transition period. Please note that some dates may be subject to change.


Please direct all enquiries to

We will be hosting a parent event on the 3rd July; you will have the opportunity to raise questions with members of the Senior Leadership Team, Heads of House, SENco, the transition lead and our EAL coordinator. More information on this event to follow.

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