Students at Chesterton Community College experience a broad, engaging and rigorous curriculum which spans Key Stages 3, 4 and 5, allowing for deep engagement with a wide range of subject areas.

The Chesterton curriculum ensures that:

Chesterton students are engaged, curious and well-informed.

We ensure students are equipped with the requisite ‘powerful knowledge’ across a truly broad range of subject areas to make the transition to young adulthood with the ability to debate and discuss key ideas related to academic disciplines and our wider society.

Chesterton students are able to express themselves fully.

Through their written work as well as through discussion, and involvement in the creative arts, students have regular opportunities to develop their means of self-expression. Students have the confidence to learn from others whilst making their own decisions.

Chesterton students are prepared for independence.

Students are highly numerate as well as literate, well-informed regarding personal safety, and able to take responsibility for their own actions. Students show resilience in a range of situations and are equipped to lead an active, healthy lifestyle.

Chesterton students are part of a cohesive community.

Students are fully aware of the diversity of their immediate school community as well as wider society, and are able to sensitively and respectfully interact with people from a range of backgrounds. Students are active in challenging prejudice and knowledgeable in terms of the origins of prejudice in our society.


KS4 Pathways

  • The KS4 Pathways process for choosing GCSE and equivalent options starts in December of year 9.
  • Please read the Pathways booklet here.

Please note that in Cambridgeshire the Cambridge Academy of Science and Technology accepts students 14-19 years old. More information is available here.

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