At Chesterton we are committed to the promotion of diversity and equality in everything we do. We aim to create a fair and just school community that promotes social inclusion, community cohesion and equality, that respects diversity and which challenges and acts upon all forms of discrimination and inequality, including bullying.

Bullying is defined as persistent, deliberate attempts to hurt or humiliate someone. 

One-off incidents, whilst they may be very serious and must always be dealt with, do not fall within the definition of bullying.  Bullying is repetitive, meaning either that an individual conducts the same pattern of bullying behaviour towards different children or that one or more children are targeted to bear the brunt of repeated bullying behaviour from an individual or a group.  Bullying can be carried out physically, verbally, emotionally or through the use of technologies. 

At Chesterton Community College we recognise the impact that bullying can have on the wellbeing of young people and as such, we have robust mechanisms in place to ensure that:

  • Reporting bullying is simple
  • Reports of bullying are handled sensitively
  • Follow up action with the victim and bully is timely, thorough and tailored to the individual circumstance, taking into account the wishes of the victim
  • A record is kept of all instances of bullying so that patterns can be identified
  • The impact of any action taken is evaluated during follow up discussions with the victim
  • Good practice is shared with other colleagues

Procedures for reporting bullying incidents

There are several ways to report bullying at Chesterton Community College:

All students, staff and parents are encouraged to report all instances of bullying and suspected bullying. We appreciate that it can be quite daunting to report bullying and we will always work with the victim and the bully to make it stop.

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