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Formed in September 2018, Cambridgeshire and West Norfolk Teaching School is based in Cambridge, with our remit being to support both secondary and primary schools in the surrounding area.

Our main strength is matching our expertise with the needs of the school we support. This includes both CPLD and bespoke school-to-school support. Cambridgeshire and West Norfolk Teaching School works hard to ensure the school support we offer is in conjunction with and aligns fully with the priorities of the schools we are supporting. As a result we work alongside schools to identify key priorities and created bespoke programmes to meet those needs.


We have formed strong relationships with a range of primary and secondary schools across a number of local counties over the last two years with the support we give working on an ongoing and rolling basis. We also offer the ability to give schools additional capacity so they are able to carry out tasks they would normally not be able to perform.

The support we offer is bespoke and tailored to the individual needs of each school. The support we have offer previously has ranged from subject reviews, middle leader reviews, senior leader reviews, curriculum development, development of resources/schemes, behaviour support, SEND/EAL/PP reviews and support, Year 11 revision programmes as well as many other areas. For many areas this is continued ongoing support to ensure work is embedded into the schools systems ensuring maximum impact.


As with the school-to-school support, the CPLD we offer aims to meet the needs of individual school and MATs. We work closely with CPLD School/MAT leads as well as looking at the needs for the specific areas we are working in to design bespoke programmes. Over the last two years we have offered a range of courses including:

  • Cognitive Science – how the mind works and how we remember. We offered an initial CPD session as an introduction and then moved on to offering a further 4 sessions based on Rosenshine’s Principles. We have supported a number of school with training staff up to become Coaches. This has enabled school to bid for funding to help support additional schools with coaching practice.
  • Behaviour management – restorative approaches and de-escalation as well as many other courses.

Most of the CPLD is delivered in the school that requests the support but we warmly invite other local schools to attend. The CPLD is delivered by senior leaders or middle leaders who have a key responsibility for those areas of need in their day to day jobs.

SLEs and NLEs

We currently have one member of staff who is a trained SLE in MFL and Lucy Scott is an NLE. We also have a number of other senior and middle leaders who are experts in the areas we support as a Teaching School and are currently working towards becoming a certified SLEs.


We are a lead school with CTSN and their SCITT.

For further information please contact Peter Watts (Director) or Kath Hutchinson (Deputy Director)

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