Multiple choice questions

What are multiple choice questions?

These are quizzes with a range of answers to choose from. There are usually 3 or 4 answers.

How do I use multiple choice questions to revise?

Your teachers have written a lot of multiple choice questions for you. They are hosted on the revision team.

Ask a parent or friend to ask you a question and read out the possible answers. You then select the answer (or answers) you think are correct and ask them to check for you.

If you got the wrong answer, take some time to try to work out why.

Why should I use multiple choice questions?

  • Using MCQs allows you to cover a lot of subject matter quickly. As you do so, you start to gain a fuller and more rounded view of that topic, rather than spending much time memorizing notes on one particular area.
  • A multiple-choice question demands that you evaluate the options before you narrow in on the right choice. That will require you to work to eliminate wrong answers so you are practicing with different information simultaneously as you explain away each wrong choice.
  • Multiple-choice questions are easy for you to check, thus saving you precious time!
  • When you get a question wrong you can challenge yourself further by going back into the explanations and discovering where you made a mistake. It might be a particular word in the question you misunderstood or a fact you misremembered.

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