What Blurting?

Blurting is about putting everything you can remember about a topic onto a sheet of paper. It doesn’t matter about the order or structure of the information you Blurt.

How to use the Blurting technique

  • Step 1
    Get a blank sheet of paper and write down everything you can remember about a topic.
  • Step 2
    Check your Blurt against your class notes and/or the textbook. Is the information accurate? If not, correct it.
  • Step 3
    Get a different colour pen. Use the specification, textbook and/or class notes to add any missing information to your Blurt. You could then turn this into a mind map.
  • Step 4
    Revise (using other techniques, such as flashcards) the things that you didn’t have in your original Blurt.
  • Step 5
    Repeat the activity, perhaps a week later. Hopefully you will remember more information about the topic!

Why should I use Blurting?

Blurting is great for showing you what you know and helping to identify any gaps in knowledge.

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